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Dappathon Tour - Hackathon for Decentralized Application KL

Dappathon on August 28, 2018 by Dapp.com

#Dappathon APAC Tour - Kuala Lumpur Recap

156 participants, 30 teams, 3 days - 1 Amazing #Dappathon

Kuala Lumpur, 21 August, 2018 - #Dappathon, organized by Dapp.com and co-hosted by Blocklime is a hackathon for decentralized applications. #Dappathon KL 2018 held in MaGIC Cyberjaya, Malaysia from 17-19th August, 2018. It was the first stop of the #Dappathon APAC Tour, keep reading to find out where they’re jet setting off to next!


To say that #Dappathon KL was a success is an understatement! Being the very first Decentralized Application centric hackathon in Malaysia, #Dappathon managed to draw in a total of 156 participants divided into teams of 3-5 with the sole purpose to build a decentralized application aimed to solve day-to-day problems. A few world-class industry leaders joined the #Dappathon as mentors and judges, such as Bobby Ong, Co-founder of CoinGecko, Matthew Tan, the CEO from Etherscan, Eric Jiang, the CTO of Dapp.com and many more. The team had the opportunity to work closely with the mentors to develop their project as well as their pitching skills.


Also, huge congratulations to the winning teams! The first prize (RM10,000) went to Team Musang King for their project called Petech, securing pet identity on the blockchain. Second prize (RM 5,000) went to Team No Sleep for their project Unsealed Network, uncensored news and media on the blockchain and third prize (RM 2,000) went to Team Undercover with their project covering educational certificates on the blockchain. Team Undercover also won the 'Best Team Spirit' award while the 'Best Individual' went to Ms Sumitra Lok Binti Lokman.


“We were curious about the depth of knowledge that people have regarding decentralized technology and we are hoping one day, we will be able to build it into another ‘iOS or Android’. So that’s why we started this!” says Kyle Lu, the #Dappathon organizer and the CEO of Dapp.com.


“Blockchain is not just about finance and bitcoin, it is a trust system. We always talk about big data and intelligent systems but for a truly digital future, trust systems will play a major role. To build a trusted digital future we need to build the right talent today,” Harpreet Singh, the CEO of Blocklime states.


A few well-known organizations joined the #Dappathon as partners, such as MaGIC, HelloGold, Coingecko, PundiX, DOJO KL, Bitcoin Malaysia, Access Malaysia, and Redbull.


The next stop for #Dappathon APAC Tour will be in Ho Chi Minh City, the upcoming Blockchain hub in Vietnam on 28-30th September 2018.


dapp kl winner

Congratulations to the winning teams!





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