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The Sprout of Blocklime’s Tree of Knowledge

First Baby Step on August 08, 2018 by Blocklime


Greetings to all beloved blockchain enthusiasts!

Blocklime welcomes you to our first ever blog post! As you all may know, Blocklime is driven by empowering others through a blessing called education. We believe that blockchain itself is a highly energetic space for people like you to explore, where imagination is only the mere limit to what you can build and make this world a better place.



What if I don’t understand anything?

Fear not of complex jargons or arcane terminology, as our team of writers are professional in delivering digestible yet fulfilling snippets of valuable knowledge, especially in blockchain related concepts. At the same time, we will strive to provide meaningful insights of the current blockchain technology in the world. Most importantly, we want to create some everlasting ‘ah-ha’ moments.



We love feedbacks from the community

One of our main goal is to cultivate a strong and vibrant community of blockchain developers and enthusiastic blockchain entrepreneurs. Therefore, feel free to give us a heads up via the contact page or social media platforms, as we want to improve to help the community that we love!



Are you ready to be a part of a rising technology community?

Well, all you need to do now is follow us in our social media pages to be informed of the hot blockchain topics in the air. Stay tune for future updates and let’s create an awesome future!



About the Author:

Blocklime is a blockchain thought leader and a distributed ledger technology(DLT) enabler, which believes in challenging the status quo and re-engineering trust.

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