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Blocklime is announcing their partnership Alpha Blockchain Center!

Partnership on January 10, 2019 by Blocklime


Blocklime is announcing their partnership Alpha Blockchain Center. Blocklime is a technology and training partner to Alpha Blockchain Center. Alpha Blockchain centre is among leading global blockchain investment, development, and advisory services firm focusing on facilitating businesses with next-generation applications using blockchain enabled technology while Blocklime strives towards bringing new Blockchain/DLT based innovative solutions.



Blocklime believes that to ensure the growth of the DLT ecosystem a good pool of developers is necessary. Nurturing blockchain development talent is a tough but critically important task to ensure the ecosystem growth. That is why we at Blocklime are working towards building more Blockchain courses and contents for all to access, in hope of improving the blockchain technology adoption rate globally. ASEAN is an emerging champion in developing talent and we strive to make it also a Blockchain development champion.


About the Author:

Blocklime is a blockchain thought leader and a distributed ledger technology(DLT) enabler, which believes in challenging the status quo and re-engineering trust.