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Blockchain Bootcamp 22 Feb - 25 Feb

Bootcamp on March 01, 2019 by Beryl Lai

Blocklime kicked off 2019 with a Blockchain Bootcamp on 22 Feb (Friday). The 4 days training begin with blockchain fundamental training on the first half-day by Blocklime’s CEO Mr. Harpreet Singh. Blocklime realized the importance for the public to hear from the industry players, to get first-hand insights is another way to learn. Which is why the second half of the day is catered to what the industry players have to share. Started off with a fireside chat on the blockchain talent ecosystem and outlook in the next 5 years, the fireside chat is joined by Harith (Hellogold), Matthew (Etherscan), Anthony Davie (Invech Group), TM Lee (Coingecko), Cris Tran (Infinity Blockchain Ventures) and Mr. Sylvester Lee (FIII Lab). And lastly, a panel session joined by Mr. Karamjit (Digital News Asia), Mr. Fattah (Standards Malaysia), Pn. Mastura (MIGHT), Ng Kwang Ming (MIMOS) and Mr. Ridzuan (FAOM) on blockchain ecosystem in Malaysia.


From left: Harith (HelloGold), Matthew (Etherscan), TM Lee (CoinGecko), Anthony Davie (Invech Group)

Mr. Cris Tran (Infinity Blockchain Ventures)

Mr. Anthony Davie (Invech Group)

Mr. Sylvester Lee (FIIILab)

Ms. Mastura (MIGHT)

Mr. Karamjit Singh (Digital News Asia)

The blockchain development hands-on training falls on the second and third day of the event. Mr. Harpreet Singh, CEO of Blocklime were joined by Mr. Taha (Blockchain Developer) to conduct the training. The 2 days training, although intensive but students were able to keep up the pace and complete the training.

Last but not least, featured training by FIIILab falls on the last day of the bootcamp. Conducted by Mr. Sylvester Lee, students were able to learn about FIII platform and build own blockchain on the platform. Moreover, the participants were able to gain insights on participating Consensus Challenge initiated by FIII Lab and supported by FIIIPay Technology Co., Ltd.

For those of you who have missed the consensus challenge brief, read more or register here.


Blocklime would like to thank everyone who took their time to attend the bootcamp and we are more than grateful to have our bootcamp supported by FIIILab, MaGIC, MDEC, Invech Group, FAOM, Coingecko, Asia Blockchain Review, DOJO KL, Orbit, Etherscan, Access Malaysia, ETH KL, and Bitcoin Malaysia. We look forward to see all of you again in our next event. While we work hard to bring you a better event, stay tune for what’s coming!







About the Author:

Beryl Lai ( Brand & Academy Lead )

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