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What happened in Dappathon APAC Tour #HoChiMinhCity?

Dappathon on October 22, 2018 by Blocklime

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 6 October 2018- Dappathon APAC Tour continues in Ho Chi Minh City as the second stop on September 28–30th 2018 at CoderSchool. Dappathon #HCMC was highly anticipated by many programmers and It was a well done event with a over a 100 hackers come together to share their hackathon passion in decentralised application.


This time round, industry leaders such as Kyber Network, Etheremon, Tomochain, QRC Group, Fetch, Alpha Blockchain, Infinity Blockchain Labs and more has joined us in this great event. Not to forget that Dappathon #HCMC is hosted in Coder School, we thank everyone who have come together and contributed in the event.


 Emcee of the day, Ms. My from Infinity Blockchain Labs during Game session      


From left: Cris from QRC Group, Harpreet Singh from Blocklime, Long Vuong from Tomochain, Nedrick Ngo from Etheremon and Zhiwen Jiang from Dapp.com on finalist judging round.  

The challenge of the dappathon is to solve any real life problem with decentralised applications. Since it is a non-stop 24 hour hackathon, it was intense and exciting at the same time. Our fellow mentors were helpful to the participating team and able to assists on their projects.

After a long hours of hacking, a total of 6 team out of the 19 participating team were shortlisted to the final round and compete for the prizes!


Team Sun Vibe - Vibe Token


The second runner-up goes to Sun Vibe team with their project Vibe Token- is a crowdfunding solution which enable people around a globe to own a solar panel by founding solar panel installation on stranger’s rooftop. The house landlords can get instant earning by lending their rooftop to host solar panel. Accelerate the local economy by highly scalable business plan and open the door for 4.0 era.


Team ELOTT - Lottery System


Meanwhile, the first runner-up belongs to team ELOTT - a transparent Lottery system by building them on Blockchain, making it transparent and fair.


Team G-Team - Trusted Will


Finally, Dappathon #HCMC grand prize winner goes to G-Team with their project Trusted Will- the innovation of Blockchain and its characteristic, they built a solution where you can safely and securely create a digitalized last will and testament without the fear of fraud or manipulated data.


Dappathon’s partners, judges, mentors and Dappathon crew.

Once again, we would like to convey a big thank you to our amazing partners, judges, mentors and last but not least the Dappathon crew for the hard work! We are grateful for the hospitality and support we gained in Dappathon Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We look forward to collaborate again some day.

See you soon, Ho Chi Minh City!

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