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Blocklime is an official partner with Dapp.com!

Partnership on December 31, 2018 by Blocklime

We have been collaborating with Dapp.com for Dappathon APAC tour (KL and HCMC) and it has been a wonderful experience. Dappathon is a decentralised application oriented hackathon- a one-stop plarform for great programmers coming together to build great dapps. Throughout the events, it has taught us many things and certainly opened up our minds witnessing great ideas come to live. Establishing a partnership with Dapp.com definitely strengthen both our values and goals and we work to come together and create more dapps miracle in the coming days.


About the Author:

Blocklime is a blockchain thought leader and a distributed ledger technology(DLT) enabler, which believes in challenging the status quo and re-engineering trust.