Meet The Blocklime Team

A tiny idea of exploring the possibilities of blockchain was the initial spark of Blocklime. With the same igniting spark across more people, Blocklime was founded and is still expanding to this very day. Check us out below!

Rising Stars

Harpreet Singh

CEO, Co-Founder

A Blockchain developer first, he envisions a future where blockchain is integrated into everyone's daily lives. He has diverse experience in software development, blockchain development, and information technology.

Fun Fact: I started mining Bitcoin at the age of 19.

Adly Abdullah

CTO, Co-Founder

He started developing software professionally in 2000 right in the middle of the dot-com boom. His 17 years experience began when he started writing communications protocol drivers for embedded monitoring systems.

Fun Fact: I once designed my own CPU and found my calling when I wrote a web server from scratch.

Trish Kelly

Head of Product Design

Alumna of General Assembly in UX design. She has a vast experience in the design industry focusing on visual, UI and human-centered design.

Fun Fact: I lived in a van for 3 months while travelling across the Australian outback.

Tommy Ang

Blockchain Developer

He’s a young developer looking to further grow himself after delving in front end development and computer software engineering in university. A fast learner and love exploring different or new technologies.

Fun Fact: All I need in life is coding and ice cream (and don’t forget tomyam mee).

Zyan Chan

Multimedia Designer

Don’t let her job position fool you. She wears many hats in Blocklime tackling front-end, UI/UX, marketing and advertising.

Fun Fact: A ‘panda’ that speaks 4 languages including English, Malay, Chinese and Korean!

Beryl Lai

Brand Creative Lead and Marketing

She has a super sensitive spidey sense for brand & design aesthetics. Her 7 years of experience in the industries include branding firms, institutions, events and exhibitions.

Fun Fact: She loves to be on the weird side of YouTube.

Edmund Tay

Blockchain Developer

Graduated in Computer Software Engineering, he is passionate on learning new things currently being neural network and natural language processing.

Fun Fact: Not a typical asian. I have a specific diet plan where I don’t eat rice (I have nothing personal against rice)

Hafsa Faizul

Office Manager

She is responsible for driving the overall learning strategy articulated for the consumer in the blockchain, managing requirements and businesses.

Fun Fact: I study biotech and have a dream to invent the next ‘new’ food.

Mohammed Abed

Business Development Manager

Business analyst in charge of Blocklime digital growth. He does strategic planning for the Middle East and North Africa finance market.

Fun Fact: I love networking especially in the blockchain scene.

Matteo Montanari

Front-End Developer

He is passionate about front-end web development and finds fun in collaborating (head-butting) with designers. His +15 years of experience in the digital web industry includes some big company names.

Fun Fact: I love searching ingredients for my new cooking recipes!

Cheok Seng

Developer (Intern)

A second-year software engineering student, from Asia Pacific University. He live to learn and explore the IT world, devoting himself into several IT industry such as blockchain, machine learning, big data, and etc.

Fun Fact: Require a Dota 2 teammate? Find him.

Jason Beh

Developer (Intern)

He started coding at the age of 14 during 2016, and he never stopped since. Driven by the fact that he likes the ability to talk to machines, his lifelong mission is now to build fun yet impactful products.

Fun fact: Gym + Code + Music + ANYTHING FUN = Jason


Developer (Intern)

Michael is a developer fascinated by the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and it potential applications. He is a currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

Fun fact: I wrote a book when I was 4.