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Blocklime officially supports Security Token Standard!

Supporter on January 08, 2019 by Blocklime

Blocklime is announcing that we are a proud supporter of Security Token Standard. But wait, what is a Security Token Standard? 

First of all, what is even a Security Token? It is a Security Token that shares many of the characteristics of both fungible (erc20) and non-fungible tokens (erc721). They are designed to represent complete or fractional ownership interests in assets and/or entities. While the utility tokens have no limitation on who can use the token, these security tokens are subjected to many restrictions based on the identity, jurisdiction and asset category. 

Without a standard, Security Tokens would never be adopted in a meaningful way as the developers and providers could not work together within the same framework. 

With a standard applied, Security Tokens can become default form for all financial securities, that the ERC-20 standard created the boom in utility tokens. Participants in the ecosystem will be able to build together on the exciting technology.


About the Author:

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