Hyperledger Fabric Development Training


  • The student should have hands-on experience with Javascript *or* NodeJS (there will be a quick essentials introduction before we begin coding)

  • Basic working knowledge of Web Applications (HTTP, REST)

  • The student must be comfortable in learning new design patterns & an architectural paradigm

  • A decent computer & internet connection

  • Good to have: Docker, Unix commands & NodeJS - (p.s we will be running the setup in class )


Course outline

Day 1

Blockchain Fundamentals

  • What is Blockchain?

  • Why Blockchain have ‘blocks’?

  • What is the Blockchain Network?

  • What is a distributed ledger

  • Account Management in DLTs (Public Keys, Private Keys & Address)

  • Types of Blockchain network architectures

  • Access Types in blockchain

  • What is the consensus?

  • What is Smart Contract?

  • What is Hash?

  • What is a Merkle Tree?

  • What is the double-spending problem?

Hyperledger Fundamentals

  • What is Hyperledger

  • What are the different frameworks and tools

  • Hyperledger Fabric fundamentals

  • Setting up the development tools - (Docker, NodeJS & Fabric)

  • The fabric under the hood ( exploring in detail how it works)

    • Components in a Fabric model (Kafka)

      • Peer Nodes

      • Orderer nodes

    • Certificate of authority

    • Features of a Fabric model

    • Introduction to Chaincode

    • SDK’s

    • Ledger

    • Privacy through channels

    • Security and membership services

    • Assets

    • Consensus

    • Membership and roles design

Day 2

Chain code

  • Quick Javascript essentials

  • Chaincode fundementals

  • Chain code vs Smart Contracts

  • Chaincode API

  • How to write a Chaincode

Setting up your own Network

    • Application Lifecycle Management

    • Install and Configure Network

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Membership Service Provider

  • Network Maintenance and Operations

  • How to set up fabric on a cloud service

  • Exercise

    • Let’s try building an application on Fabric

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Past Bootcamps


Hyperledger Fabric Bootcamp

01 June 2019

Are you looking to be a Hyperledger Fabric Developer? Blocklime is organising a 2 days boot camp on hyperledger fabric this coming 1& 2 June. Discover the true power of #Blockchain and #Hyperledger #frameworks. The course will introduce you to Hyperledger Fabric and guide you on setting up your on fabric network.

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